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Glennis Boy Radoc

Special Projects Officer

I am with the Special Projects Group here at Wellness PRO. Wellness PRO Inc is my first company. In terms of education, I have a degree in both Nursing and Legal Management. I find working in Wellness PRO Inc truly intellectually stimulating. I am part of the team that oversees the company's participation in transactions conducted by Major Government Hospitals nationwide.

Jacel Anne Gumasing

Advertising and Communications Associate

At first medical equipment distribution sounded so foreign to me, having joined Wellness PRO Inc as a fresh graduate with my degree in Advertising and Public Relations. But, more and more, I realized that the company is contributing to the modernization of Philippine Healthcare. And, I find that exciting. My work is all about helping our clients learn more about the medical technology solutions that they can consider for their operations. As an added bonus, the work environment is vibrant and truly friendly. Happy to be here.

Harries Angelo Morales

Head, Business Development Group

I joined Wellness PRO right after college. I am a Registed Nurse by education and training. Working in Wellness PRO has allowed me to assume positions of leadership and to work with some of the brightest people that I have known. At the same time, being in the Business Development field, I can readily see how our efforts are making a big difference in the lives of patients, from the very old to the very young, around the country.

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