Company history

January 9, 2004

“Wellness PRO Incorporated’s official launched date”

From the endeavor of research and analysis, have seen the fellow countrymen suffer from onset of diseases that could have been prevented and managed earlier.
The company began to explore by gathering information and analysis on the history or background of the particular healthcare study. Included in the research and analysis, are the opinions from the key opinion leaders which directly help our mission.
With the partnership to the suppliers, make certain already of the optimal way which will best distribute with knowledge, care and support from us. Wellness PRO came into regulation and medical practices to align medical solution with our cultural values and ways.


“Introduction of Wellness Pro Products to Mercury Drug Corporation”

Wellness PRO Incorporated also catered Digital BP Monitors along NCR from the year 2005 up to present. This is to reach beyond a wide range of people. During this year, Wellness PRO Incorporated attended a symposium in Edsa Shangrila Plaza subjected to Digital BP Monitor. This also became the outlet of engaging doctors directly to educate about the product.


“First Transaction with Hospitals”

From the collaborative effort, has come to a merit of negotiation and partnership to the hospitals and institutions. Our endeavor broadens the scope by reaching certified healthcare professionals and institutions of introducing excellent product lines to transport into health and medical stability.


“Your Health Partner” has been changed to “Tomorrows Medical Devices”

We are always beyond our name. Wellness Pro’s not only about being your health partner but extends for your future lifestyle’s stability of being on top form of the health aspect.


“1st Supply to the Philippine Government”

About last quarter of 2011, Wellness Pro received notice of award as first time to win the government bidding. After winning, delivered mechanical column scale with eye-level beam on 2012. This was just the start of everything has been endowed by the team.


“Health is Wealth”

The awareness has been brought primarily to medical technology solutions in hypertension. Wellness PRO Incorporated started negotiating to A&D and network to different key opinion leaders of hypertension in the Philippines since 2013. Health is a continuous endeavor. It is contemplation to everyone from home, at work as well as conflict inside the hospital. So there begins the mission.


“Wellness PRO- carrying 25 brands to the present”

Commencing constant provider of globally medical technology solutions has reached 25 best product lines currently offering the market from an excellent and trusted trademarks distributing to adaptable healthcare and medical professionals and institutions.



A lot of companies discontinued operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic; but, Wellness PRO shines in the middle of the nation’s problem because of the increasing demand for medical solutions and our services. Additionally, Wellness PRO continued to support its employees as there are no layoffs or reductions from the team’s headcount, instead, Work from home set-up took place temporarily as mandated by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF).



Wellness PRO clearly demonstrates the fruitful outcome of hard work and determination as they successfully built their own corporate tower in Kapitolyo, Pasig. An 11-story building where there is a great amount of space provided for our WPI offices, warehouse, tenants and events place.


​Wellness Pro

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