Institutional Procurement - Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Service

  1. How are Wellness PRO Technical Service Personnel trained?
  2. What kind of tools / instruments & protocols does Wellness PRO Technical Service Personnel use to do their job?
  3. Do you provide regular preventive maintenance?
  4. Do you service non-WPI carried brand of equipment?
  5. For what types of equipment / devices does Wellness PRO provide / facilitate testing & calibration?
  6. Do you do on site servicing? Or do we need to carry in the equipment to your facilities?
  7. What technical service can we avail of during the warranty period?
  8. For items repaired by Wellness PRO outside the original warranty, what is the standard warranty for the repair work?
  9. How much should we generally budget for repair work (including spare parts) for a Wellness PRO product that is outside the warranty period?
  10. Does Wellness PRO charge clients for the time and the mobilization costs of its technical service people and their tools to our site?  Does Wellness PRO charge for the transport of goods to/fro its facilities for technical servicing?
  11. How can we contact your technical service group?

Key Programs

12. Do you have a Trade In Program? 

Transaction Concerns

13. Does Wellness PRO Inc join tenders and bidding?
14. Can Wellness PRO sell to vat tax exempt entities?
15. What modes of payment can be availed of in dealing with Wellness PRO Inc?
16. May we return goods?




Technical Service - 1

1. Our Technical Service Personnel are trained directly by the manufacturers of the brands that we distribute.  The training may happen in 1 of 3 ways (or combinations thereof) –

  1. Philippine Training – where our supplier / partner sends over their technical service trainor to the Philippines to work with Wellness PRO technical service team and to give training here.
  2. Regional Training – where our Wellness PRO technical service personnel join fellow technical service personnel from other distributors within the region to undergo technical service training in a designated country.
  3. Manufacturer’s Head Office Training – where our Wellness PRO technical service personnel attends technical service training at the global headquarters of our supplier/partner in Europe, USA or Japan.

In each of the above types of training, Wellness PRO technical service personnel are provided the theoretical aspects of each device, particularly in relation to proper use, maintenance and troubleshooting.  But more importantly, the Wellness PRO technical service personnel goes hands on and handles a range of actual technical cases.  At the end of these training sessions, after having proven competency and mastery of the subject matter, the Wellness PRO technical service personnel garners a Certificate of Training.

2. Given the emphasis on quality work by both Wellness PRO’s international manufacturer/partners and Wellness PRO, we proceed with arming our technical service personnel with instruments that meet the specifications / guidance set by our manufacturer/partners.   This means that as much as possible the range of tools, technical service checklists, and instruments’ calibration traceability used in the Philippines are actively in conformity with each of our ISO certified manufacturer / partners.

3. Yes, Wellness PRO provides preventive maintenance generally during and after warranty period, subject to terms and conditions.  Different types of equipment work with different frequency, level and involvement of preventive maintenance strategy.  It is best that the Wellness PRO customer takes time to discuss this with us preliminary to finalizing any order.

4. Wellness PRO is committed to have technical services available for all the items in the range of the brands that we distribute in the Philippines.  We can do so in good part because of our manufacturer/partners commit to provide spare parts for their items.  Our ability to do repair service of non WPI carried brands of equipment is subject to a) client maintaining Wellness PRO as harmless for any consequences that the supplier / manufacturer may impose when a 3rd party entity (like Wellness PRO) services the unit, b) our being able to access the needed spare parts, and c) our confirmation that we can indeed service the product.

5. We can provide / facilitate traceable testing for the following types of items:

  1. Hearing screeners / testers
  2. Weighing instruments
  3. Pulse Oximetery
  4. Illumination Devices
  5. Non Invasive Blood Pressure
  6. Thermometers
  7. Defibrillators
  8. Patient Monitors
  9. Fetal Monitors
  10. Dopplers

We provide calibration service for the following types of items (with emphasis on the brands that we directly carry:

  1. Hearing screeners / testers
  2. Blood pressure devices
  3. Weighing instruments (digital / mechanical)
  4. Infrared Thermometer
  5. waiver of the original manufacturer’s warranty 

Please check with our Technical Service Group for updates.

6. For prompt action on any experienced technical problem, we encourage our clients to send our technical service group a quick SMS or quick call at cellular no. +63908 815 5434 between 8:30AM-5:30PM, for 24/7 basis contact our technical service group at  In the said SMS,Call, or email the client’s representative must be ready to relay the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Institution
  3. Designation / Department
  4. Type of Equipment
  5. Brand / Model
  6. Serial Number
  7. Experienced Difficulty
  8. Convenient time to be contacted by our technical service group

From the call / text, the Wellness PRO technical service group will contact you by phone to get more information (to the point of requesting video or photographs) about the situation.  Once sufficient information has been gathered, any one or combination of the following steps may be undertaken:

  1. Relaying of Particular interventions to do
  2. Scheduling an inspection and/or quick repair visit to the site
  3. Arranging having item sent to Wellness PRO (if the repair work is deemed major)

7. During the warranty period, for major Wellness PRO products, you can avail of the following technical services:

  1. One time installation
  2. One time training of end users on how to use properly
  3. One time training of biomed technician and/or end users on basic troubleshooting
  4. Unlimited call in for technical questions

8. We extend a warranty of 3 months from date of delivery for all repair work done on Wellness PRO products outside the original warranty period.

9. Assuming that the item is still reparable and that all the original parts are intact, it is safe for the Wellness PRO client to budget 45% of the current List Price of the product for any repair cost.  This allows the client to make the process of having an item repaired predictable in terms of cost.  Wellness PRO ultimately will charge only the actual repair costs. For repair costs more than 45% of the current List Prist of the product, the technical service group shall inform and have the client approve the repair cost prior to proceeding with the repair

10. Wellness PRO charges for the following:

  1. Installation of item to site
  2. Mobilization of technical people / tools for installation & buyer’s personnel training
  3. To / Fro freight costs between Wellness PRO and buyer’s site for items for repairing

Please see schedule of charges in the Technical Services Section.

11. Wellness PRO clients can contact our Technical service groups via the following:

Telephone Number: +63 2 637-0473


Cellphone: +63 922 8960961

Fax: +63 2 636-7542

Technical Services – 2

12. We do accept trade in’s subject to appraisal of the unit to be traded in.  Depending on the condition of the item to be traded in and the package to be availed of in terms of service contracts, financing, etc., we can give us much as 20% of the list price as credit for the item to be traded in.  Cost of bringing in the unit to be traded in is to client account.

Transaction concerns

13. Wellness PRO Inc joins tenders and biddings involving government agencies & corporations, hospital groups, non governmental organizations.  We participate in national, regional, and local government agencies’ requirements. 

14. With the proper documentations / credentials submitted prior by the client, Wellness PRO can sell its items / services on vat exempt basis.

15. For small transactions (less than Peso 50,000) at Wellness PRO office or exhibition sites, we can accept payment by credit card, or cash.  For first time transactions greater than Peso 50,000, we can accept payment by cash, online development or check (subject to clearance first before any delivery).

16. Yes, we can deliver / ship anywhere in the Philippines.  Delivery cost is subject to our schedule of charges.

17. For any return of goods bought from us, it must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. It must come back complete and in its original box
  2. It must have been coordinated for return with Wellness PRO customer service
  3. It must be return within 7 days from having received the item
  4. All freight costs (original sending, subsequent returning) must be paid for by returnee
  5. Customer is to pay Peso 1000 Return Handling Fee.

18. Customer agrees to be refunded only 50% of the amount for item/s ordered from the Wellness PRO manufacturer supplier only upon instruction / confirmation of client earlier.