Shopping Help

1. Do you accept credit card payment?

2. Are your products available in outlets? If yes, where?

3. Are your products cleared with the Philippine FDA?

4. How can I know more about your products?

5. Can I buy in bulk?

6. Can you have goods delivered?

7. Do your goods for personal use come in warranty?


1. Yes, we can accept payment by credit card at our office. If your order has been mutually arranged to be delivered to you within NCR, then just inform us ahead so that the credit card terminal can be brought along to facilitate your payment by credit card. For deliveries outside NCR, we can accept online bank deposit or advance payment by check subject to clearing.


2. Not all our products are available in reseller outlets and drugstore chain. Please give us a call to find out if the product of your interest is indeed available in a reseller outlet near you.


3. Yes, all our products are cleared with the Philippine FDA. The products we carry, all being imported, have either a certificate of product registration or a certificate of product registrability exemption from the Philippine FDA.


4. Please review our website. Please use the Categories feature as found on the left side of the Products Search page to facilitate identification of the product you require. Of course, you are most welcomed to contact us by phone, email, and sms to get more information.


5. Yes, we encourage bulk purchase from us.


6.Yes, goods can be delivered. There is a minimum amount of purchase required to allow for free delivery within NCR. All deliveries to points outside NCR are subject to nominal delivery charge.


7. Devices, even only for personal use, has 1 year carry in warranty coverage for the core unit (e.g. bp machine covered by warranty, but arm cuff uncovered). Consumable items are not covered by warranty but are sold with far off expiry dates.