Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty Policy

The core medical device / equipment [Product] (e.g. main infant incubator module as the core device while air filter is considered non-core) from Wellness PRO Incorporated [Company] is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in both materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original invoice under normal use. The warranty extends only to the original purchaser; registered with Wellness PRO as ultimate end user / installation of the product, as bought directly from Wellness PRO Incorporated and/or from its duly authorized Philippine dealers / resellers, and subsequently used solely as intended in the product manual and at the registered site of installation within the Republic of the Philippines specifically. Warranty is void / not applicable when

the product has been damaged by negligence, accident or mishandling, or has not been operated in  accordance with the procedures described in the operating instructions.

the product was improperly installed by non Wellness PRO personnel, physically damaged or altered, either internally or externally

the product has been altered, serviced or repaired by any personnel (that of client or third party) unauthorized by the Company.

adaptations or accessories have been made or attached to the equipment which, in the determination of Wellness PRO may have affected the performance, safety, or reliability of the product.

used voltage is beyond the allowable voltage range.

the serial number is removed, obliterated or defaced.

This Limited Warranty is non-transferable, does not cover normal wear and tear of the product nor costs related to the removal, installation, or troubleshooting of the customer’s electrical systems, or damages arising from force majeure such as typhoons, floods, lightning, earthquakes, and among others. No other warranty expressed or implied, including merchantability, applies to the product. Also, no other person or company has been authorized to assume any other warranty. Wellness PRO does not assume any responsibility for any consequential damages relating to the purchaser or any 3rd party occasioned by the Product, or for any inconvenience or interruption in operation. Should any defect in workmanship be found in the Product, as covered by the stated warranty, then the Company will endeavor to rectify the deficiency. rectification, at company's option, can be in terms of any of its parts thereof (determined upon inspection by Company) repaired or replaced (free of charge) or replace the unit in whole or to exchange it with an equivalent or higher model or to refund the cost of the core product (exclusive of auxiliary expenses like delivery, training, etc. incurred in the availment of the product) the client -- free of charge (exclusive of the cost of mobilization to/fro Company and Customer site of installation). For any replacing, refunding, exchanging or refunding to happen, the defective product must be surrendered to Company in its original packaging as the time of initial delivery.