MedLab VITRO Vital Signs Monitor for SpO2 and NIBP

Vital Signs Monitor

The VITRO Vital Signs Monitor also uses the PEARL Pulse Oximeter technology. "PEARL" stands for "Pulse Enhancement Artefact Rejection Logic", meaning an algorithm that amplifies real pulses and suppresses artefacts. By usage of this advanced pulse oximetry and an NIBP technology that works fine from neonates to adults, the VITRO can be used in even the most demanding environments. This includes neonatal and intensive care departments in hospitals. The very reasonable price also makes the VITRO the ideal choice for ambulances and doctor’s offices, including patient monitoring in day surgery.

The VITRO works with mains supply as well as with an integrated internal battery (approx. 4 h). The device shows systolic, mean and diastolic pressure, SpO2 values, pulse rate and the plethysmographic waveform of the patient. The alarm system for systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, saturation and pulse rate makes it easy to monitor a patient. All alarm limits are adjustable.

Product Information

Lightweight, compact and attractive design
High resolution and bright colour TFT screen
Integrated context sensitive help system
Ergonomic user interface, uses icons where possible
Rugged - vibration tested to MIL810 standard
Red alarm bar indicator, easily visible
Red alarm bar indicator, easily visible
Manual adjustment and automatic calculation of alarm limits
Simple operation with one knob
100 hours of trend memory for up to 10 patients
Screen can be switched to big numerical display
Printer connection
Audible and visual alarms
Saturation dependent pulse tone
Artefact Suppression
Manual and cyclic NIBP measurements
Stat mode for NIBP
Screen can be switched to big numerical Display
Delivered with all necessary accessories
Clinically validated according to EN1060-4
Pulse Oximeter
Measurement Range0-100% SpO2
Display Rage0-99% SpO2
AccuracyAdults +/-2% (70-100%)
Children +/- (70-100%)
Not Specified below 70%
Measuring Range30-250 min^-1 Pulse Rate
Blood Pressure
Measuring Range25-280 mmHg (Systole)
15-250 mmHg (MAP)
10-220 mmHg (Diastole)
10-130 mmHg (MAP)
5-110 mmHg (Diastole)
Overpressire300 mmHg
OtherSecurity system against excessive pressure according to EN 1060-3
AccuracyAccording to EN 1060-4:2005
Medium value Deviation <5 mmHg
Standard Deviation <8 mmHg
Mains115/230 V, 50/60 Hz
BatteryNiMH (7.2 Volts 2000 mAh)
DisplayTFT LCD with backlight
Curve Speed12 mm/sec or 25 mm/sec
OtherIntegrated Realtime clock
InterfaceInfrared Interface
Alarm LimitsAdjustable
AlarmsVisual and Audible Alarms
Dimensions80 mm x 230 mm x 200 mm
Weight1.700 g
VITRO Vital Signs Monitor Brochure