Guldmann GLS5 Active Lifter

Mobile Patient Standing Lifter

An easy, comfortable and safe way to raise and support patients with partial or complete control of upper body.

One lift for many functions

  • Sit to stand  
  • Standing balance (with foot tray removed)
  • Transfers from chair to chair
  • Transfers from bed to chair
  • Transfers from bed to toilet

Adjusts easily to comfortably fit most heights and sizes

  • Padded and adjustable knee support
  • Multiple sling attachment points
  • Ergonomically profiled push handle for all caregiver sizes
  • Multiple sling sizes to create optimum comfort and support (option)
  • Add–on hip sling to assist with hips and buttocks raising (option)

Easy and safe to use and understand

  • Electric up, down, and leg width adjustment
  • Dual operations options – hand control or control box
  • Rear foot push bar to increase maneuverability
  • Manually and electrically operated emergency lowering
  • Easily accessible emergency stop
  • User guide permanently attached to control box – ‘How to’ review always available

Product Information

• SWL 155 or 205 kg
• Designed for intensive use in professional environments
• Meets and exceeds all current norms and regulations in industry
• Strong 24V/4,5AH NiMH battery ensures long usage time, even in heavy use environments
- Shorter charging time to full capacity
- Prolonged battery life
- More lifts from a single charge
• Strong, noiseless and fast Linak actuators
• Audio and visual indicators for low battery
• Varied charging options – on board lift and off board lift via extra battery
- Built in and easily accessible docking station for battery
- Extra battery packs as option
- Fully automatic switch mode charger
• Removable and easy to clean foot tray
• Visual service indicator
• Prepared for future software upgrades
• Access to statistics via Service Information Console (SIC) for certified technicians
- Number of lifts – lifespan and since last inspection
- Number of battery warnings
- Number of errors/faults
Product Sheet
GLS5 Active Lifter Product Sheet