KingVision ABlade Video Laryngoscope

Airway Management - VideoLaryngoscope

The King Vision® aBlade video laryngoscope offers advanced imaging technology and unparalleled ergonomic design. In addition, it features the unique flexibility from the choice of two blade types – standard and channeled so you can choose what is right for you and your patient. Depending on your preferred technique and the complexity of the airway the King Vision has two blade types. A standard blade that requires the use of a stylet to direct the ET tube with a 13 mm mouth opening requirement. The other choice is a channeled blade where you can guide the ET tube with the blade where the mouth opening requirement is 18 mm. The channeled blade accommodates ET tube between 6.0 – 8.5 mm.

The King Vision video laryngoscope provides a high quality image of the vocal cords while minimizing soft tissue manipulation.

Key benefits


  • The King Vision® aBlade is an excellent solution to solve the issue of limited availability of advanced visualisation solutions in the OR.
  • With King Vision® you can improve patient care by having high performance visualisation capabilities for every intubation, at an affordable price


  • King Vision® aBlade has been designed to be your primary tool for all intubations
  • Video output capability is compatible with external monitor and recording devices
  • The robust, full-colour, non-glare display can resist repeated cleaning. The aBlade video adapter is reusable, designed with materials that can withstand repeated use


  • King Vision® is light weight, self-contained, battery operated and water resistant
  • King Vision® can be used continuously for about 80 minutes making it highly portable. The aBlades are individually packaged. Each blade is disposable, eliminating concerns of cross contamination
  • King Vision® offers the choice of two blade types depending on preferred tube delivery technique

King Vision® aBlade is suitable for

  • Routine intubation
  • Difficult intubation
  • Tube check
  • Airway visualisation
  • Training of intubation skills

Whether it is part of your difficult airway trolley/crash cart or it is used in combination with other visualisation devices or on a more regular basis for routine intubation the King Vision aBlade video laryngoscope should be part of your airway strategy. This is emphasised in the recent 2013 Difficult Airway Algorithm from ASA*.

Product Information

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