Seculife | DFbase

Defibrillator Analyzer


  • Defibrillator analyzer for performing function tests on external defibrillators.
  • The specified energy level is measured using an integrated load which simulates the human body (50 Ω). Quick and direct observation and selection of the desired ECG waveforms and test data is also made possible.
  • A 12-channel ECG with arrhythmias and power waveforms is available for determining the current pulse. These can be recorded and viewed at the defibrillator’s display. The SECULIFE | DFBASE is fully AED compatible and is equipped with an auto-sequence function that can execute up to 50 test
  • sequences which have been preprogrammed by the user. The tests are configured with easy-to-use software.

Product Information

Monophasic, biphasic and biphasic pulsed energy measurement
Cardioversion delay measurement
Capacity: 5000 V, 1000 joule
10 universal patient cable connector sockets
Flash programmable for upgrades
Seculife | DFbase Brochure