OAE Testing with Screening or Diagnostic Functions


The MAICO ERO•SCAN™ is an easy and safe to handle device for frequency specific TEOAE and / or DPOAE testing. Appropriate to your needs you can choose between the ERO•SCAN™ with screening or diagnostic functions.

Product Information

Performing screening and diagnostic measurements of TEOAE and / or DPOAE
Sharp, colored organic LED display
Fast automatic testing with Pass / Refer outcome and graphical test result
High noise immunity for operation in normal clinical environment
Lightweight, small earprobe
Wireless communication to PC and optional printer
Multiple, easily selected language options
Measurement Type:TEOAE and / or DPOAE
Frequency Range:2 to 5 kHz DPOAE 1.5 to 4 kHz TEOAE
Stimulus Intensity Range:DPOAE: 40 to 70 dB SPL TEOAE: 80 dB SPL Peak equivalent (± 3 dB
Microphone System Noise:-20 dBSPL at 2 kHz (1 Hz bandwidth) / -13 dBSPL at 1 kHz (1 Hz bandwidth)
Power Supply:7.4 V lithium battery or mains 100 V to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Battery Life:minimum 1000 tests per charge, minimum 20 hours on-time
Dimensions and Weight:66 mm x 31 mm x 145 mm 176 g
MAICO ERO•SCAN Newborn Hearing Screener Brochure