seca 354 Electronic baby scales with fine graduation, also usable as flat scales for children

Two scales in one: the seca 354 baby scales with a comfortable weighing tray and a fine graduation of 10 g. In no time at all, it can be converted into a floor scale for children with a capacity of 20 kg. The weighing tray and the base which serves as the floor scale are securely locked together, thus ensuring that the baby can be weighed absolutely safely. A further advantage of the scale is its Breast-Milk-Intake-Function which determines how much milk the baby has consumed. The robust but lightweight scale is easy to transport; self-explanatory buttons make it easy to operate.

Product Information

Capacity: 44 lbs / 20 kg
Graduation Weight: 10 g < 10 kg > 20 g / 0,5 oz < 22 lbs > 1 oz
Weight: 5 lbs / 2,3 kg
Power supply: Batteries
Dimensions: 552 x 156 x 332 mm / 21,7 x 6,1 x 13,1 inch / 11 x 2,6 x 9,3 inch dimensions platform / 525 x 80 x 250 mm dimensions tray / 20,7 x 3,1 x 9,8 inch dimensions tray
Functions: BMIF / Auto-HOLD / Automatic switch-off / Mobile measuring / TARE
Baby scale and floor scale for children in one.
Weighing tray easy to detach from base.
Robust yet lightweight scale is simple to transport.
SECA 354 Brochure