Ginevri Giulia

The challenge of GINEVRI’s team was to support the latest developments of clinical research with a completely innovative device covering the requirements of the scientific community. Therefore, GINEVRI has focused its research on innovative ways adding all the conventional ventilation to the synchronized nasal ventilation developed in the first model.

In the new GIULIA neonatal ventilator all the newest technologies in the field of neonatal ventilation are at the disposal of the new-born. They can now be treated with the most efficient and up to date ventilation techniques applied in a “gentle” and tracheal way.

For this reason, the non invasive ventilation has been improved and it has been paid specific attention to the invasive ventilation with endotracheal tube.

The improvement of nasal ventilation techniques permits the lowering of the rate of intubation in the population of preterm infants, thus reducing morbidity and costs.

Thanks to GIULIA we have the possibility to choose between invasive or non invasive ventilation easily, allowing to the doctor the freedom to find the best mode to help the neonate without compromises!


SMART FLOW KIT NIV: The new design of the flow sensor for the non-invasive ventilation has been studied to obtain the maximum lightness and comfort for the patient.

The single use kit for non-invasive ventilation SMART FLOW NIV KIT, made of nasal cannulas and bonnets, has been realized in four different sizes for newborns of different weight.

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