MedLab Vitromap

The VITROmap is a budget-priced pulse oximeter that works up to 12 hours on the integrated, rechargeable battery or directly on a mains connection. This cost-effective, versatile pulse oximeter delivers fast, reliable SpO2, Pulse Rate and Pulse Strength measurements, complete with a pulse bar graph display. The values are displayed in blue (SpO2) and green (pulse) colour.
The alarm system for saturation and pulse rate makes it easy to monitor a patient. 
The alarm volume is high enough to be heard in a larger distance to the instrument. The volume of the saturation dependent pulse tone is adjustable.
Furthermore, the unit features a memory of 50 hours for up to 5 patients.

Product Information

Lightweigt, Compact and Attractive Design
Adjustable Alarm Limits
Simple Operation
50 h Memory for Measured Values
Crisp, Easily Readable, Coloured Display
Printer Connection
Acoustical and Visual Alarms
Saturation Dependent Pulse Tone
Designed for neonates, infants and adults
Medlab Vitromap Brochure