MA 42 Audiometer

Maico MA 42 - The reference for diagnostic audiometry – two-channel audiometer with high flexibility:

  • Two-channel audiometer

The MA 42 is a two channel audiometer with sinus tone,
speech and free-field audiometric testing as well as Master
Hearing Aid. It is designed for ENT diagnostics, hearing aid
fittings in the office and for mobile audiometry.

  • Ergonomic design and customizable

User settings can be customized to meet individual preferences
and the user-friendly button placement allows for
quick transition while testing.

  • Report

Option of direct printout to USB printer as well as storing
reports as PDF or SD-Card or USB-Stick add to the instrument's

Product Information

• Air conduction, bone conduction, free field and speech audiometric testing
• Pure tone, warble tone, narrow band, white and speech noise
• Diagnostic Tests such as SISI, Decay, ABLB, MLB, Langenbeck, Stenger
• Independent two channel
• High frequency option up to 16 kHz
• USB PC-Interface, NOAH compatible
• Patient database for more than 1000 test results
• Diagnostic Tests such as SISI, Decay, ABLB, MLB
• Mixing – signals and channels can be mixed independently