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KaWe Diagnostic Kit

KaWe Combilight F.O.30 Otoscope and KaWe Eurolight E36 Opthalmoscope.
KaWe DK101 COMBILIGHT F.O30 Otoscope head,
Fiber-optics with pivoting triple-magniying glasses;
Optimal light strength (centric);
Otoscope illuminant Xenon bulb 2.5V;
KaWe EUROLIGHT E36 Ophthalmoscope head with correction lens wheel in stages from +20 to -20 dioptres;
6 diaphragms;
Dimmable rheostat;
Good and uniform illumination;
Very large examination field of the fundus of the eye;
Ophthalmoscope illuminant Halogen bulb 2.5V;
Battery-/charging handle C ( medium) with clic-closure;
Can be dimmed; 2 C batteries;
10 Extra reusable ear funnels;
1 spare Xenon 2.5V spare bulb;
1 spare halogen 2.5V bulb; 1 Nose light;
1 Finoff lamp XL;
1 Laryngeal mirror, straight;
Packaged in a black hard-top box;
Made in Germany;
with one year warranty;