MedLab Nanox10C

Medlab Nanox10C

The NANOX10C is a combined handheld and desktop pulse oximeter with a built-in, rechargeable battery pack. Due to the built-in battery and the charger stand, it is usable at all times. With fully charged batteries, the NANOX10C can be used for more than 30 h, at full backlight brightness. The charger recharges the battery in less than 4 hours. The large and brilliant TFT screen makes the NANOX10C a valuable tool in daily practice. If you compare it with other instruments of its class, the major differences are the adjustable alarm limits with optical and audible alarm indicators, the memory and the saturation dependent pulse tone. The pulse tone can be switched off and has an adjustable volume. For documentation purposes, the stored SpO2 and pulse values can be transmitted to a printer or to a PC by using the integrated MiniSD card socket. Patient safety is guaranteed by the infrared transmission. The internal memory capacity is 55 hours, for SpO2 and pulse values, while the optional SD card has nearly unlimited storage capacity.

Product Information

Rechargeable Battery- and Mains Operation
Very good Performance on Low Perfused Patients
Adjustable Alarm Limits
Optical and Acoustical Alarm Indicators
Alarm System with three Levels
Memory for SpO2 and Pulse (55 h)
SD Card Interface
Brilliant TFT LCD Screen
Infrared Connection to Printer
Adjustable Volume for Pulse Tone
Adjustable Volume for Alarm Tones
SpO2 Dependent Pulse Tone
Medlab Nanox10C Brochre