Harloff Medstor Max MS8160-VASC

Medstor Max MS8160-VASC

Create a lean environment throughout your hospital with Harloff’s Medical Storage line of carts and cabinets. These products are designed to strengthen your supply chain, increase work capacity  and decrease operational costs. Harloff’s Medical Storage line helps clinical departments put the right amount of supplies where they are needed while protecting them from pilferage or grazing, thereby reducing over-buying, hoarding, and expiration of unused supplies.

Product Information

Advantages and Benefits
Offers 30% more tray or basket storage capacity when compared with leading competitor’s product, using 2”, 4” and 8” modular trays; or 4” and 7” wired baskets
Increased storage capability means fewer carts need to be purchased, thereby reducing capital purchase cost.
Further optimize space within trays with adjustable dividers that have a unique locking design, called the “clip-on effect,” to withstand high loads.
Unique design of plastic side panels, combined with pull-out-stoppers, allows modular trays to be extended and viewed at an angle without falling out of the cart
Catheter shelf can be added featuring three robust dual slide assemblies, each slide contains five hooks.
Painted steel cabinet, 20-gauge powder-coated steel
Standard Features
One half inch trays: Total of six trays that are 23.50 x 15.75 x ½ inches
Two inch modular trays: Total of six trays that are 23.50 x 15.75 x 2 inches
Four inch modular trays: Total of nine trays that are 23.50 x 15.75 x 4 inches
Eight inch modular trays:Total of nine trays that is 23.50 x 15.75 x 8 inches
Plastic side panels form a modular system consisting of 141 insertion opportunities (47 per column) to hold modular exchange trays and baskets, which are sold separately
Catheter Shelf Holders can be added to any column
One of the columns can be removed to increase catheter storage capacity
Roll-up tambour door with key lock allows access to supplies during clinical hours
Integrated push handles are flush with cart side, positioned vertically for better control
Corner bumpers with premium five inch casters, full swivel – two with brake
Standard color is Sand. Also available in 16 other colors, using durable hard-baked powder coat finish
Ships fully assembled with twelve year warranty
Assembled cart dimensions
80.5” H x 59.6” W x 27.9” D (204.5 cm H x 151.4 cm W x 70.8 cm D)
Cart net weight: 400 pounds (181 kg)
Approximate shipping weight: 590 pounds (267.2 kg)
Product Sheet
MS8160-VASC Product Sheet