Use Innovation Tax Credit to Develop It's Innovative Enterprise : The Example of Surgiris Business

On Monday, May 30, 2016


Denis Papin, Surgiris CEO explains how and why his company is allowed to use the Innovation Tax Credit to develop.

If you were to introduce yourself in a few words ...

I Denis Papin, the company's CEO Surgiris. Daniel Micucci, President of Surgiris and I are both shareholders in the company.

Precisely, can you tell me a little Surgiris?

Surgiris was founded in 2001 and therefore just celebrated its 15 years of existence. We specialize in medical devices the hospital technical, and mainly in the operating theater lights and distributors arm fluids which also include intensive care units, emergency or recovery rooms. 

We are located in Croix, near Lille, more than 4 000 m2 of buildings. The design office, production and all commercial services are located there.  

We mainly sell our products to export, because we realize there about 65% of our turnover.

You have already used the Innovation Tax Credit, this aid to innovative SMEs. Have you received special support in the steps to follow?

Yes, we attended several meetings organized by various organizations in the region to understand what the Innovation Tax Credit and what he could bring. Then the ACTEMIS firm, we work, we came form including explain the difference with the Research Tax Credit. Besides, I think it is less suited to companies like ours. When you're in a small business, do basic research may not be the primary objective. Today, the primary objective of an SME is primarily to sell products.

In innovation, we usually adapt a technology that just appear in our products to provide them with additional and innovative feature. This allows us to add new functions which are then very popular with users. Only this type of innovation is not akin to basic research which is more difficult to justify. The Innovation Tax Credit is therefore a very interesting proposal.

You brought the Innovation Tax Credit exactly? What he allowed you to innovate?

Above all, we must know that innovation is one of our priorities in Surgiris and is part of our corporate values. Each year we invest 15% of our turnover in research and development to stay at the cutting edge of technology.

The Innovation Tax Credit has allowed us to obtain financial aid on issues that were not eligible for the research tax credit because not considered as basic research. We were able to incorporate major changes to our products.


What new prospects has been able to offer the Innovation Tax Credit?

Get Tax Credit Innovation has allowed us to further boost our innovation. Indeed, we are constantly innovating in order to develop new features and new products. The growth of the business related to this innovation naturally will create additional jobs, as is the case since the creation of Surgiris where we went from 1 employee to quarantine today.

The prospects that we offer the Innovation Tax Credit are completely different than they could make to a multinational. We do not share the same objectives. In my view, the research tax credit is especially suitable for multinationals working in collaboration with researchers. However, SMEs will benefit adapt technology to their product and will therefore need to innovate, what it can do with the Innovation Tax Credit.

Do you receive or have you received other aid supplement?

We have also received aid BPI France. It is a complementary with that of banks that allows us to finance the research and development section but also the manufacture of the product. Indeed, launch production of a new product requires the acquisition of expensive tooling. At Surgiris we use similar technologies in the automotive sector but in much smaller quantities. The funding is more expensive and more difficult.

One last word ? The news Surgiris?

Today, the first of Surgiris goal is to continue to develop our export business. This is something we do for a long time and that allowed us to significantly enlarge the company. We also want to continue to invest at the rate we do today by regularly offering new technologies and innovations exclusive to our customers.



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